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by Nebraska Registered Agent LLC

Nebraska Business Filing Tips

Guide to forming a business in Nebraska

Unfortunately for you, we Nebraskans are living in the 80’s still. The secretary of state requires original inked signatures on everything, does not believe in technological advances like faxing a business filing in or using the internet to simplify your process. Funny if you really think about it. We haven’t even advanced to accepting a FAX for a business filing in Nebraska!!! Let alone the internet. Furthermore, our bar is very strong and the attorneys have put forth serious efforts to not put pdf templates online to make it easier to form your own Nebraska business without an attorney. Then when you’re done with that, you still have to publish in a newspaper for no reason at all.

The good news is that we provide word doc templates in your account to form a Nebraska LLC or Nebraska corporation yourself and save some money. We also provide you order instructions for the cheapest and simplest way to publish in a newspaper to save some money with that as well.

It’s important to have a Nebraska registered agent that you can trust, because your Nebraska registered agent will receive the biennial reports for your Nebraska business. Following with the theme of not moving past the 1980’s, the Nebraska Secretary of State does not allow online biennial report filings, AND there’s no generic form. You HAVE to use the biennial report you get from your Nebraska registered agent to make the filing. We get these reports to you the same day we receive them. We also send you emailed reminders of when to file and you can track your due dates in your account at all times.

Once you get your Nebraska business registered, you’ll be required to register with the unemployment division and tell the state if you will be planning on hiring employees in the state of Nebraska. You’ll get the application mailed to you or sometimes we get it as your registered agent. Outside of the initial process, maintaining a business in Nebraska is fairly easy. We are not an over-regulatory type of state. There aren’t any real city licenses or burdensome permits or occupancy requirements like a lot of other states.